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At Merint Determination Center (MDC) We making learning accessible and help our children achieve their potential. Our approach is evidence-based. We believe that every child is able to advance with the proper support and timely intervention of therapies and evaluation of progress.

We work closely with children, parents and schools to ensure that no child is left behind not only within the educational system but also within society at large.

We are dedicated to identifying, building and developing the skills required by children to feel confident and succeed at their own pace.

MDC is proud to be working in close association with international expert partners that help provide continuous professional development for all our staff as well as access to the latest and most up to date strategies that help empower ALL our children.


About Merint

Merint Group has been in business for over 40 years with operations in over 15 countries. Headquartered in Dubai, it has offices in UAE, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Poland and India. Its main activities include Architectural Glass, Glazing Machinery, Property Development, Interior fit outs, Manufacture of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and Nuclear Medicine.

During its journey, it has steadfastly held firm to its impeccable belief systems and work culture, building a global brand that stands for world class quality and service. Efficiently running a business in varied fields for over 4 decades, Merint is slowly but surely stepping up the ladder to establish the MERINT brand as a ‘one-stop’ name in the industries it caters.

As an initiative towards Merint Group’s CSR program, MERINT FOUNDATION was established to provide relief to the underprivileged in the areas of Health and Education.

Our Values

Accept. Understand.


A safe haven where learning and progress take place in a nurturing environment. All services are made accessible with the support of a team of passionate & sincere professionals dedicated to their cause, transforming lives to make it enriching and sustainable.


The core DNA of Merint Group is surmised in two words: 

Bringing Smiles !

Merint Determination Center thrives to offer a novel learning experience for children and young adults of People of Determination. A transdisciplinary approach to enhance skill sets which encompasses therapy, education and,  life-skills, tailored to each child for sustainability and inclusion, focusing on vocation and livelihood skill-building programs.




To render service and support to the People of Determination who are differently-abled, with appropriate tools & specialized abilities to overcome barriers in their surroundings and further afield.

To deliver all the skills, therapeutic and pragmatic, for their active engagement in daily life and participation in their communities.




+971 50 295 4715

 +971 54 995 4503


Villa no 7, Muhaisnah 3, 30A Street

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Villa no 262, Al Heerah Suburb - Sharqan

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


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We're available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

MDC is a special needs center offering the services of Aba therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychology for its varied clients in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman


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