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My experience with Merint Determination Center (Dubai) has been wonderful. Our son (3-1/2 yrs) attended both OT and Speech Therapy and we are extremely happy with the progress he has made. The therapists were very supportive and knowledgeable in selecting techniques to suit his specific requirements. I would highly recommend Merint to anyone looking for affordable and professional therapy for their child...Thanks to their entire team!!

- Vindoo Benny

Recommended therapists Ms. Babitha and Ms. Meenu from Merint Determination Center


Actually, my child has aggressive behavior and a lot of behavior issues at home and in public areas. After we started the therapy ABA and OT, He seems to be getting back to normal, and many of his behavior issues are getting reduced. I am happy with the therapists and Richa ma'am, she is my well-wisher and motivator in my sad times.

-Aysha BV


We are happy to share the feedback about this center, the staff takes good care of children those who are studying here.

Thanks Merint !!! 

- Peer Mohamed


We are more than happy to see our child progress on a daily basis – Improving all aspects of life


Especially social behavior – improving communication rapidly and also encouraging physical activities in a natural setup.


We are very satisfied with MDC team .

-  Rizwan Mahmood Malik

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Excellent teachers and dedicated staff members. All serve with the most professional and sincere attitude and undivided attention to special needs students.


I am very delighted that my son is currently under their care and supervision. The teaching and therapy team are amazing and really helpful. My son improved a lot in just 4 weeks at this center, He really likes it now and enjoys being at the center.


They update us on daily basis on how my son progresses and compares it to our set- plans and goals. They are open to questions and flexible to the needs of each child.


A great job you guys are doing. Big thumbs up!!


Highly recommended!!!

- Wasim Patel

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We have been with the Center since it was opened, and over the last 2 years my son has improved, I like the fact that they always update you every month with regards to his progress and where we can put more effort for him to improve, they try their best.
With the amount we pay it's the best we could provide for our son.
I only wished I could give him more
1 to 1 as that helped him a lot.
I can only say Thank you to Richa and the whole team.

- Hariharan Muthuraman


Our child joined Merint in April 2021 as special need child, during her journey, along with her we had many up-and down. But we were happy to see the efforts done by Merint team. Being special child means special teacher who perfectly handle our child’s requirements and made her to such extent where she can now join main stream. We thank everyone who were directly and indirectly helped in her progress. We wish you all a  blessed life .


– Parent Saba Jawed


My son at age 5 was diagnosed with ADHAS & AUTISM with speech delay in September 2021. We got admission in Merint Determination center when he was uncontrollable & throws lot of tantrum not afraid of any dangerous things . Within 6 months at Merint Center, we observed tremendous progress in behaviour

  • He became more attentive and can maintain eye contact for a longer time.

  • He began  to follow simple instructions such as "Stop doing it", "Take it".

  • He is trying to be more patient and calm.

  • He is doing his  best to repeat the sounds and words, This is a big work!!


I have interacted with their staffs very frequently . I believe they have well trained & experienced staffs.

I really appreciate every effort and action of Merint  team's therapists and staff worked to make my son more and more adaptive in this world. 


- Parent Arshad Khan


Dear MDC team, we on behalf of noman express our sincere gratitude to you all for your efforts and dedication towards noman .. we are really thankful for the hard work you have done for noman .. we are thankful to all of you especially Richa ma'am, rinku ma'am, afrin ma'am, ms Leah, OT therapists and each and everyone at MDC center for showing your sincere efforts to make noman learn and grow effectively .. Noman learned alot at MDC and he is truly blessed to have teachers like you all .. noman never forget MDC, in sha Allah. our heartfelt thanks to afrin ma'am for focusing on him and caring like a mom ... Also ms Leah, for transporting kids with utmost care and smile .. we need lots of patience to deal with special needs kids and hats off to you all for your dedication towards them .. May Allah bless you all always .. 
Though Noman can't express in words, but you all will be in his heart forever. Thanks alot and convey our gratitude to each and every member of MDC ... we too miss you all. 


- Parent Noman




+971 50 295 4715

 +971 54 995 4503


Villa no 7, Muhaisnah 3, 30A Street

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Villa no 262, Al Heerah Suburb - Sharqan

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


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We're available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

MDC is a special needs center offering the services of Aba therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychology for its varied clients in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman


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