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An early intervention Day Program designed to help integrate all aspects of education to fully support your child's needs.. 

The Day Program is a specialised, full-time school program developed by Merint Determination Centre.. 


MDC’s curriculum is the product of teaching experience, methodical observation of children’s educational needs and a thorough consultation by each section’s teachers, therapists and special educators working at the Centre. Our curriculum focuses on Language acquisition and Communication, Speech Therapy, Social Skills, Occupational Therapy, Behavior Therapy and Functional Academics. The MDC curriculum encourages the student to become an independent learner, well-equipped with the skills necessary to integrate into daily life outside of Merint Determination Centre.


A typical session consists of small groups of 4 - 5 to ensure focus is around the child. Each child will have an Individualised Education Plan curated to incorporate targets from the professionals working with your child to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach that centres around an all rounded program. 

Each group consists of one teacher and one assistant teacher, making the ratio 1:2.5. 




+971 50 295 4715

 +971 54 995 4503


Villa no 7, Muhaisnah 3, 30A Street

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




We're available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

MDC is a special needs center offering the services of Aba therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychology for its varied clients in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman


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