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Occupational Therapist

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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  • Assess and treat motor, cognitive, perceptual motor, self care and sensory processing difficulties in the following domains: Gross and fine motor skills, Sensory processing skills, Cognitive/Executive Function skills, Visual perceptual skills, Visual-motor integration and handwriting skills, Self-Care, independence and autonomy

  • Write detailed Assessment/Evaluation reports, progress and discharge reports according to the Centre’s policy;

  • Create, implement and revise the individual treatment program;

  • Instruct and advise parents on an occupational therapy treatment plan; 

  • Maintain records and case notes

  • Monitor and evaluate child's progress

  • Work with clients on a one-to-one basis, and/or in groups, to deliver therapy using an interdisciplinary approach with co-treatments with other disciplines utilized when appropriate

  • Consult and work with team members of the multidisciplinary team to incorporate appropriate strategies and goals into the child’s plan to ensure the child’s fullest development

  • Maintain confidentiality about students and their families.


  • Minimum Education: BA in Occupational Therapy. Master’s or Doctorate Degree is an advantage.

  •  Minimum Experience: More than five years’ experience as a pediatric Occupational Therapist. 

  • Experience with Moderate to Severe Conditions 

  • Post graduate qualifications in Neurodevelopmental Therapy and Sensory Integration is advantageous but NOT required.

  • Fluent in written and spoken English 

  • Proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word.

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